How To Make Your Creative People More Productive

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The business world is focused on harnessing two very valuable attributes, creativity and productivity. Though the two don’t always go hand in hand, they can blend together to help create the best and most efficient work from just about anyone. Essentially everyone CEO’s dream combination for every employee at their company.

Most creatives will tell you, “Creativity takes time.” That’s not as true as we have been lead to believe. Creativity is most beneficial when it comes to ideas and some of the most important ideas in the world hit with less than a seconds notice. Once that idea hits you then have the balance the creativity with productivity to ensure optimal execution. Below are a few ways to get all of those great ideas moving.

Create a priority list.  This seems like the obvious answer but when creative people see how much work needs to be done and which projects take priority and deserve the most time they will figure out a process to work through everything.  Without a hierarchy in their work it’s easy to lose focus and feel overwhelmed.

Give them some wiggle room but not too much.  Make sure the main goals are very clear.  Tell them they can approach those goals from several different directions but to stay on those goals.  Creative people come up with ideas faster than you would believe.  Just because it is a good idea doesn’t mean it is the idea you need right then.  If you give them a very specific target it will help them to find the amazing idea that you need instead of 20 great ideas that you don’t.

Give them a little more direction.  This does not mean you need to micromanage them.  That will get you nowhere.  You can however meet with them to check up on the high priority projects. Sometimes it is better to be more involved in the entire development process instead of just telling them what needs to be changed at the end of it.  Set up meetings so you know what direction they are going and so you can make sure that it is the right one.  This will help keep them on track and going in the right direction.  The biggest problem a creative person has when it comes to being productive is having too many ideas.  The best thing you can do is to help identify the ideas that you want.

By helping your team stay on the right track you will see a drastic increase in their overall productivity.  Most creatives are fast and efficient workers once they get the right idea locked in, it is the developmental stages where they can get sidetracked. Remember creative people aren’t only in a creative department.  These ideas can be helpful when it comes to managing any creative thinker in any department you have.


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